J Stevens Company - Greenville, SC


Provide and maintain small business internet marketing tools, including website development, maintenance and security. Initiate and manage online advertising campaigns.

Hearst Media Services - Greenville, SC

Digital Advertising Consultant

At Hearst Media Services, I met with business owners and managers for analysis of current online advertising presence. Presented and sold solutions to increase client lead generation.

Cumulus Broadcasting - Florence, SC

General Manager

Managed 6 on-air and online radio stations in Florence, South Carolina.

General Manager of cluster of six radio stations in Florence, SC. Successfully executed companywide CSOS initiative. (Cumulus Sales Operating System) The team increased local direct advertising 5% in an environment where national and transactional advertising decreased 75%.

 Qantum Communications - Destin/Fort Walton Beach, FL

General Manager

Responsible for all aspects of 3 FM Radio Stations in the Fort Walton Beach, Florida Metro Area. Studios and offices are in Destin, Florida

General Manager. Led team that successfully turned around sales of WFFY, WWAV, and WMXZ. Sales were up 19.1% and cash flow increased 95.6%.

Entercom Communications (Now Audacy) - Greenville, SC

Director of Sales, Greenville, SC


Led team that increased sales 37% in first year. Was awarded Overachiever Award two years in a row.

Clear Channel - Savannah, GA

General Manager

Multiple Owners, Savannah, WAEV/WCHY/WLVH/WSCA/WSOK/WYKZ. Hired by Opus Media Group, retained by LBJ Holdings, Patterson Broadcasting, Capstar, AM/FM and then Clear Channel.

00-02 General Manager of 6 stations

99-00 Director of Sales of 6 stations

97-99 General Sales Manager of 3 stations

93-97, Local Sales Manager of  3 stations

LBJ Holdings, Patterson, Capstar, AM/FM - Savannah, GA

Director of Sales / General Manager - 3 Radio Stations: WAEV/WLVH/WSOK

Opus Media Group Sales Manager 1994 - 1997 (4 years) - Savannah, GA

Adventure Radio Group 1993-1994 - Hilton Head Island, SC


Lakeland Community College - Kirtland, OH

 Saint Joseph High School, Cleveland, OH